NFTaggregator launches the world’s first NFT crowdfunding campaign in October 2021 by selling 1000 2D hand-drawn and unique artworks of its 10 team members. The artworks are drawn by Stephan van Kuyk a Berlin-based artist and NFT creator.

What is NFTaggregator.io?

NFTaggregator is a Meta Social NFT Marketplace from Berlin in Germany with more than 1800 NFT Artists from more than 125 countries uploading their stories to their NFTs daily to increase their traction through the platform’s integrated gamification. With this, NFT Artists increase their reach primarily through Google and increase the value of their profile to boost their NFT sales, like an influencer on social media who can earn a higher budget from companies through their followers and reach.

The NFTaggregator.io vision

The goal of NFTaggregator is to analyze all NFT relevant indicators & posts from NFT creators to achieve a safe valuation of NFTs with its algorithm to help NFT buyers make an easy, fast and informed investment decision.

Since the launch of the NFTaggregator platform in May 2021, NFTaggregator’s Twitter community has grown to over 20,000 Twitter followers by the end of September. From this and the number of platform users, the enthusiasm for the NFTaggregator project is evident.

Why NFTaggregator.io is running an NFT crowdfunding campaign?

The development of the NFTaggregator platform is expected to move to the next level of NFT innovation from October 2021. To achieve this goal, the NFTaggregator team has laid the initial financial foundation for the company, with the world’s first NFT crowdfunding campaign. Which will also launch in October 2021. Go to the pre-promotion NFT crowdfunding landing page here: NFTaggregator.io/founder-cards

NFT Collections as a permanent part of the company to support NFT artists

NFTaggregator focuses on adding value to NFT artists through its technical approach. Through this approach, it is important for the career of the company to continuously cooperate with selected artists. Therefore, each year there will be a large one-time annual NFT collection with a selected artist and small NFT collections that take place every month with NFT creators from different cities around the world.

As NFTaggregator is a startup company with no financial support so far, the first annual NFT Collection can also be seen as an NFT crowdfunding campaign.

NFT crowdfunding for startups

To date, there has been no NFT crowdfunding campaign by a company and NFTaggregator is moving forward as an example in this area. As crowdfunding campaigns are a popular means of funding for startups in general, this now offers the opportunity for all startups worldwide to follow suit with NFT Crowdfunding as well.

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