Launching trendhub: A New Gateway to NFT Intelligence

Dive into essential data for smarter market understanding

Berlin – May, 13th, 2024 – NFTsolution.Network announces the upcoming launch of its metadata aggregation platform, which aims to significantly improve the transparency and accessibility of information in the NFT market. The platform integrates detailed metadata, including supply chain details, transaction and ownership history, repair records and various valuation types to support informed decisions for both NFT and traditional product investments.

NFTsolution.Network is only evolving from its own metadata provider trendhub.one. trendhub is moving towards becoming a decentralized, community-driven review system that not only curates reviews, but also embeds these insights directly into marketplaces and stores. This expansion will allow NFTsolution.Network to offer its aggregation services broadly and enable other metadata providers to distribute their data globally through a unified partner system.

“trendhub improves the way ratings, surveys and discussions are created and used,” explains Oliver Meyer, CEO trendhub and NFTsolution.Network. “By using a visually appealing, multimedia 3D environment, we aim to significantly improve user engagement and understanding of the topic in the trend discussion. trendhub.one does this by rewarding user engagement based on their ability to identify and set trends through a gamified liking system that improves interaction between content creators and the community.” With our slogan, ‘Creating Trends Together,’ we underscore our commitment to fostering a collaborative environment where everyone has a voice in shaping trends.”

The platform is not only provided for NFT technology, but can also be used for conventional products and services, offering a versatile tool for a wide audience. The integration of decentralized and gamified elements provides unique value and improves the way digital content and assets are valued in different markets.

“For content creators, trendhub provides a way to measure community engagement and sentiment more accurately,” says Oliver Meyer. “It also serves as a social media platform, offering creators the opportunity to engage with and attract followers from various communities. This broadens their reach and influence beyond their immediate followers, ushering in a new approach to digital content interaction and valuation. “For the community, it’s an opportunity to be acknowledged and compensated for their insights and trend-sensitivity, ushering in a new approach to digital content interaction and valuation.”

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NFTsolution.Network invites investors, tech enthusiasts, and media representatives to join us in exploring trendhub.one. Discover how this innovative platform is transforming access to data and enhancing community-driven insights in digital commerce. Engage with us at https://trendhub.one/ to learn how you can leverage trendhub to your advantage and contribute to the evolution of digital market analysis.

About NFTsolution.Network

NFTsolution.Network is a comprehensive metadata aggregation platform designed to enhance transparency and decision-making in the NFT and traditional markets. By integrating detailed data such as supply chain, transaction history, ownership details, and various evaluations, we provide essential insights to buyers and investors. Our platform leverages the decentralized infrastructure of trendhub to offer in-depth reviews and analytics, empowering users with reliable data for their purchasing and investment strategies.


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