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A voting process through community outreach to make the value of an NFT transparent and trackable.



An evaluation method to better assess an artist's standing based on their digital notoriety.



A creation process with predefined input fields to make physical assets digitally tradable and copy-proof.


Increase the price of your NFTs through real user ratings

With voting tools that helps you transparently raise the NFT price through user engagement, you can convince investors of your NFTs in a targeted way.

  • NFT import
  • NFT voting
  • Token driven voting
  • Use NFT ratings for sales

Make your digital footprints visible to show your NFT value

For investors, it’s important to have a quick and easy overview of an investment opportunity. With a rating like Google’s, you’ll get more buying opportunities.

  • Linking social media accounts
  • Evaluation of social engagement by algorithm
  • Dynamic NFT trading chart
  • External NFT creator rating widget

Create industry specific NFTs in a legally compliant way

It is important for companies to create legally compliant NFTs that follow the specified norms and standards for their industry to keep their NFTs tradable in the future.

  • Certificate of authenticity for physical NFTs
  • Industry-specific input fields
  • Transfer of documents
  • 3D Design scan

NFTsolution.Network gives you quick access to key features to assess your performance at a glance in the NFT space

The right NFT for every industry

In NFT marketplaces, there is no legally compliant industry-specific data entry to create an NFT and no secure process to mint and sell physical assets as NFTs nationwide. NFTident’s NFT creation process guides you through pre-defined input fields, depending on the requirement for the application area. This makes your NFT usable for your industry and keeps it future-proof. Decide for yourself where your NFT will be used. Transfer your NFT to a wallet with NFTident. For physical NFTs, NFTident gives you a copy-proof process to ensure authenticity and uniqueness. To sell your NFTs, you can use our partner marketplaces, which you manage directly from the app.

An assessment for every NFT creator

It is difficult to assess the value of an NFT artist without intensive research. Many influencing factors that value the artist are not taken into account. With NFTtrust.it you get at a glance a meaningful assessment of the digital footprint left by the NFT creator to better assess the value of his NFTs. Sign up for NFTtrust and link your social media channels. Our algorithm creates your NFT Trust Score based on your social media data. This provides investors and buyers of your NFTs with a transparent value that is necessary to sell your NFT faster. Because more than 60% of eCommerce shoppers decide to buy based on reviews.Β 

A transparent foundation for every NFT price

The prices for NFTs are often set arbitrarily. The price increase is not comprehensible and partly also manipulated. Through the token driven community on NFTchoice.io you have the opportunity to increase the value of your NFTs based on real user engagement and make it transparent and traceable. Create an account on NFTchoice and import your already minted NFTs from the different marketplaces. With the NFTchoice poll tool you let our community vote to consolidate and increase the value of your NFT.


Use our NSN token to be rewarded for your engagement


NSN received, create at NFT

An inflationary value of an NSN token is fixed to the NFT to increase the value of the asset over history.


NSN earn through social engagement

By increasing the level of awareness, an NSN token is distributed depending on the rating.


NSN use to vote

Each participant in a vote places one NSN token. Whoever wins receives NSN.


NSN buy & stake

If the token is not used, it can be invested for a return.


Sell NSN to use applications cheaply

Use the NSN token to unlock new features or use it as a coupon.


Pay only for features that really gets you ahead


Our core skills and passion are developing, implementing and growth for our products

Experienced Entrepreneurs

Long and diverse experience in building digital products and businesses. Find out more on our Linkedin profiles.

Network of Developers

High level of technical know-how and network of developers for building complex applications.

Based in Berlin

Our core team have known each other for years and work in Berlin. To meet our demands, we manage teams worldwide.


NFT is becoming at least as big as the Internet

NFT can be understood as an upgrade for the internet to make digital & physical properties a secure tradable asset on the internet. The NFT can thus hold anything and change hands by transferring it from wallet to wallet. In the next few decades, we will thus see the monitarization of the Internet. The strong growth of the NFT market is already evident.

NFTsolution.Network provides the applications to constantly reduce technical barriers.

Oliver Meyer

Co-Founder & CEO


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